Your Fence Is Sitting On Me


Images of bisexual women as confused, indecisive, transitional, or closeted lesbians effectively invalidate bisexual identity. Even among lesbians who believe that there are some true bisexuals, these beliefs have the effect of casting doubt on the identities of all women who claim to be bisexual. As long as a lesbian believes that bisexual women are likely to have these characteristics – or at least more likely than lesbians – she will tend to react suspiciously whenever another woman claims to be bisexual. Bisexual identity cannot be accepted at face value, because the woman who claims to be bisexual might not be a true bisexual. Therefore, these images, even if they are not generalized to all bisexual women, function to invalidate bisexual identity generally and, therefore, to invalidate bisexuality.


Bisexuality and the Challenge to Lesbian Politics by Paula C. Rust, p. 83

Even though this quote is about lesbians’ attitudes toward bi women, it perfectly illustrates why I disagree with anyone talking about “fake” bisexuals, or why it’s bad when Dan Savage says most of us will eventually come out as gay. Questioning even one of us leads to the potential for all of us being doubted.